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Seeking help takes courage. As a licensed professional counselor, board certified art therapist, and clinical licensed art therapist, I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to facilitate self-awareness, growth, and change. My approach is strength based, client centered, and holistically grounded.  As an art therapist, clients have the option to engage in art therapy. No experience with art media is required.  The creative process, resulting artwork, and verbal process allow the unnamed to move forward, creating space to integrate fractured pieces of the mind, body, and spirit. Art Therapy promotes wellbeing, insight, improves self esteem, reduces stress and guides emotional and spiritual growth.


I’ve worked with individuals across the lifespan from outpatient to inpatient levels of care. I specialize working with individuals living with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss, those searching to find fluidity with life transitions, to develop more intuitive coping skills, or someone seeking space to empower and define themselves.


I am currently accepting new clients. 

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